COVID-19 Hero: PLAYMOBIL Launches Reusable “Nose and Mouth Mask”

Written By: Libby Fink
  • 5/6/2020
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Playmobil is a COVID-19 hero

For decades, PLAYMOBIL has sparked the imagination of children the world over. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the iconic brand has joined the ranks of many global manufacturers to help end the shortage of much needed PPE. The Brandstätter Group, of which PLAYMOBIL is a part, has used its plastics expertise to develop a reusable mask to aid in warding off the risk of airborne infections. The material is durable, resource-saving and easy to clean.

In record time, PLAYMOBIL created new injection moulds for the complex design of the new product. The "PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask" went into production on April 7. The company first supplied its own employees worldwide before making the innovative masks available for sale on April 14.

Most masks currently on the market are made of cloth and must be run through the wash cycle after each use. To ensure sterility, heat (such as from ironing or baking out) must be applied after the mask has dried. The time-consuming procedure requires people to own several masks, eating further into the global supply.

But the innovative PLAYMOBIL design can be quickly and easily cleaned with hot, soapy water. Before each use, the wearer simply inserts a fresh filter element, such as a standard tissue, behind the removable mouth guard. The mask should be washed and a new filter inserted after 10 hours of use.

Availability of the practical mask comes just in time to help boost the supply of PPE products, as voluntary use of protective wear continues to climb and a mandate has been issued across Germany that masks be worn on public transportation and when shopping.

One euro from the sale of each mask priced at 4.99 will go to the Corona Emergency Aid Fund of the Red Cross. Additionally, PLAYMOBIL supports the COVID-19 charity campaign "Hero*Inside Everyday Life”.

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