COVID-19 Hero: Garrett Advancing Motion Provides High-Tech Turbochargers for Critical “Negative Pressure” Ambulances

Written By: Darren Garnick
  • 5/7/2020
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Garrett Advancing Motion is a COVID-19 hero

Garrett Advancing Motion, a global technology provider that enables vehicles to become safer, more connected, efficient and environmentally friendly, has been using its Wuhan, China manufacturing plant to rapidly produce high-tech turbochargers for “negative pressure” ambulances specially outfitted to help COVID-19 patients.

Negative pressure ambulances are key to safely isolate and transport patients suspected of contracting novel coronavirus pneumonia. Among other life-preserving features, the vehicle’s cabin has a special air chamber for highly infectious patients that purifies and recirculates the oxygen in an enclosed environment, preventing direct and indirect contact between the patient area, the driver and on-board medical staff.

More than 1,900 turbochargers were assembled and delivered within four days from Garrett Motion’s Wuhan plant to Jiangling Motors Co. (JMC) for their continued manufacturing of the specially designed ambulances for the coronavirus epidemic.

In February, Garrett’s Wuhan plant was temporarily shut down following local ordinances from the Chinese government due to the coronavirus risk. The plant was granted special permission to operate with a limited staff to produce the essential turbochargers that JMC and the Chinese government required for the continued supply of ambulances.

Putting the health and safety of its employees first, Garrett immediately implemented several security measures and disinfection of all working areas within the plant. The nearly 2,000 turbos were produced by employees who volunteered for the project – six operators and 11 support staff members – and it was safely completed within four days.

“We are very proud of our employees,” said Garrett President and CEO Olivier Rabiller in a press release. “They fulfilled a customer order that will save lives and help decrease the spread of novel coronavirus. Our team worked with great speed, courage and dedication to support frontline medical responders. This is an extremely difficult time and we are happy to have played a role in helping these essential ambulances to continue rolling off assembly lines.”

Garrett’s on-site production team also received immense support from more than 40 technicians via online communications tools, along with constant communications between other Garrett sites, customers, suppliers, and the Chinese government to achieve the delivery of nearly 2,000 turbos.

PTC is proud to partner with Garrett Advancing Motion, which uses PTC’s Onshape SaaS product development platform to improve collaboration between its design and manufacturing teams around the world.

We salute all the Garrett employees who have stepped up during this crisis and who continue to provide solutions to unprecedented challenges.

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