April Showers Bring May State of Industrial Innovation 2019 Reports

Written By: Stacy Thompson
  • 4/29/2019
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State of Industrial Augmented Reality 2019

Spring is in the air in Boston, which means the Red Sox are back at Fenway, tulips and daffodils line the Public Garden, PTC publishes our bi-annual State of Industrial Innovation series – all things that remind us why we endure New England winters.

As the weather warms, PTC is heating up with new research and data on the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR). With these two technologies becoming a business imperative for industrial enterprises – nearly half of manufacturers are now offering IoT-driven products and services – companies looking to capitalize on digital transformation are acting fast.

Our State of Industrial Innovation report series, now in is third iteration, focuses on development and adoption trends for innovative companies building IIoT and AR experiences internally and for their end customers externally. The reports feature an ongoing series of market research and analysis conducted by PTC, exploring the robust and increasingly complex opportunities presented by IIoT and AR and delivering actionable trends and insights for industrial enterprises.

Building on findings from recent quarters, the State of the Industrial Internet of Things 2019 report puts a spotlight on how industrial enterprises are building and enabling internal IIoT solutions to achieve operational effectiveness. Our research shows organizations are focused on streamlining operational efficiencies and driving increased productivity across environments in their internal value chains.

Report highlights include:

  • IIoT is becoming commonplace in heavy-industrial environments with applications expanding in abundance across discrete manufacturing in factories, process manufacturing in oil refineries, as well as medical facilities, cities, and utilities, among others.
  • Industrial enterprises being faced with global pressures are leveraging more holistic, pre-built IIoT solutions including greater technological breadth and partner ecosystems in order to move quickly.

Similarly, the State of Industrial Augmented Reality 2019 examines how organizations are leveraging AR internally to improve workforce productivity. In 2018, leading analyst firms recognized AR as a top business imperative. For enterprises undergoing digital transformation, the time is right to integrate AR into the technology roadmap in 2019.

Report highlights include:

  • Industrial enterprises are the highest adopters of augmented reality; use cases for worker productivity focus on delivering instructions and guidance primarily within manufacturing, service, and training environments.
  • Companies piloting AR initiatives are experiencing dramatic gains in worker efficiency and quality, while reducing the cost of training by more effectively transferring knowledge to new workers.

Technology market analysts’ and PTC’s forecasts predict that the IIoT and industrial AR have the potential to create significant economic disruption and impact. Disruptive technologies can mean the difference between success and failure for industrial enterprises – and the time to act is now.

Stay tuned for the State of the Industrial Internet of Things 2019 and the State of Industrial Augmented Reality 2019 reports, publishing this week!


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