LiveWorx 2020 Recap: Expanding Human Possibility with Resilience

Written By: Taylor Paglia
  • 6/23/2020
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Today, it is rare to have a conversation, see a headline, or attend a virtual event, without the mention of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we are still grappling with the pandemic's far-reaching impact, the dialogue around COVID-19 has shifted towards recovery, heartening stories of togetherness, and what the world will look like in the near term.  

In support of the continued conversation, LiveWorx2020 showcased the transformation of technology, demonstrating that the way we now live and conduct our businesses will be forever changed. Keynote speaker Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, provided the audience with one of the many encouraging sessions, "Expanding Human Possibility."

Moret highlighted how PTC’s strategic partner, Rockwell Automation, is working closer than ever with its employees and partners in helping customers become more resilient through these unprecedented times. Notably, the word resilience was echoed throughout Blake’s keynote, speaking to the strength and adaptability that Rockwell Automation customers have executed on, within their various industries. At the onset of the pandemic, Rockwell Automation was deemed an essential business – essential for providing solutions from monitoring machines remotely, ensuring safe working conditions, and enabling companies to ramp up supply. For Rockwell Automation, a label of an essential business is an example of how the company is living true to its brand promise of expanding human possibility.

Moret emphasized three key themes during his keynote: speed to market, agility, and trusted innovation that drives safety. Let's take a closer look at the examples Moret used to emphasize the importance of each theme:

Speed to Market

Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare, enlisted the help of Rockwell Automation and PTC teams to provide software and services to train new manufacturing associates on ventilator production, helping hospitals keep up with the rapidly increasing demand. Cytiva will leverage PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture and Vuforia Chalk to accelerate ventilator production training to 300 operators across the world. Rockwell Automation services, combined with PTC’s augmented reality solutions, will improve workforce productivity and efficiency for Cytiva employees to get up to full production as soon as possible. 


In effort to help manufacturers become more agile, joint PTC and Rockwell Automation customer, Roche Diagnostics, has transitioned assets in three of its major facilities to produce COVID-19 test kits and COVID-19 antibody tests by using Rockwell PharmaSuite MES software. The trust that Roche Diagnostics has put in Rockwell Automation’s software was high enough to make the transition, even in the middle of the round-the-clock production, to a newer version to gain more flexibility and agility, allowing them to produce greater products for their own customers. 

Trusted Innovation That Drives Safety

Rockwell Automation has been working with a multinational medical device and pharmaceutical company to develop and test a universal machine to deliver flexible manufacturing through the integration of robotics and manufacturing processing, in a configurable way. During the pandemic, pharma and med device sites must now enforce new social distancing protocols in order to pass inspection and maintain operation, and ensure the highest quality and safety of products. This universal machine is being fast tracked for deployment to COVID-19 impacted supply chain sites where the distance requirements require flexible or mobile solutions. 

Final Thoughts

Moret concluded the session by recognizing that it's essential for businesses to remain strong in their partnerships, as Rockwell Automation and PTC have done; they must continue to enhance relationships with customers and hone in on industry knowledge, specifically the dedicated knowledge of the customer base, to better understand the unique challenges they are facing. Coupled with trusted technology and products that add value, expanding human potential is attainable for all businesses. 

With changing dynamics, Rockwell Automation’s purpose is the same – it is about creating more connected, productive, and sustainable solutions for customers around the world. Rockwell Automation understands that people and businesses are resilient, and with a little help, we can all become stronger and more resilient in the future.

Thank you to our teams, our partners, and our customers, as well as all of those on the front lines, during this challenging time. 

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