5 Reasons You Should Download Creo 6.0 for Students

Written By: Delaney McDevitt
  • 9/5/2019
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PTC Creo provides students the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD software, enabling them to take ideas and concepts and turn them into products. Creo offers the best preparation to become a skilled engineer by putting design, analysis, and simulation tools directly in the hands of students.

"We teach courses based on what the industry is using, which is why we teach Creo. And if I can teach my students quicker and easier while providing the skills that industry needs, that’s even better."  Gary Lamit, Professor, De Anza College 

In the previous version of Creo—Creo 5.0—you could use the 3D CAD software to model and design, simulate, and manufacture with improved productivity and collaboration enhancements.

Now, with Creo 6.0 you have all of these capabilities plus augmented reality collaboration, real-time simulation, and design capabilities for additive manufacturing.

Here are 5 reasons students should download the new Creo 6.0 license:

1. Updated Augmented Reality Features

Augmented reality was added in Creo 4.0, but in the latest version, you can now publish and manage up to 10 designs, control who has access to each experience, and easily remove old ones. In addition, you can now publish experiences for use with the HoloLens and as QR codes. Anyone with a link to the AR experience you create can view it using the Vuforia View app.

2. New Simulation and Analysis

Creo simulation capabilities reach a whole new level with Creo Simulation Live Powered by ANSYS. You can see simulations in real time in the modeling environment as you make changes to the model. You get real-time feedback on design decisions and can iterate more quickly with more options.

3. Improved Additive Manufacturing

Experience more power and flexibility in the design process with new lattice structures, direction definition when building, and slicing for 3D printing.

4. Improved User Interface & User Experience

The user experience and user interface in Creo 6.0 have been modernized with a new mini-toolbar workflow for creating and modifying features, dashboards, and an enhanced model tree.

5. Integral Part of Digital Transformation Technologies

Implementing Creo 6.0 in your process will build skills and knowledge for a solid foundation to thrive and find success in smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0.

Access Creo 6.0 for students free from PTC Academic on the Creo download page herePTC Academic offers a free or premium license for students to download the latest version of Creo.

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