WFH? Meet Your New Favorite CAD Tools

Written By: Ruth Morss
  • 5/4/2020
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Creo Simulation Live makes working from home more effective.

For some of us, working from home presents new challenges. Away from the office, you may need to be more self-sufficient than before, communicate more clearly, or simply keep your skills from stagnating.

Your CAD software can help. Check out these tools from Creo. Some are new; others you’ve had all along. Each of them can help you flourish, even in difficult circumstances:

[Note. If you haven't been able to access your licenses from home, contact our support team. “PTC is committed to getting you productive immediately, even if it means granting you your own license,” writes Brian Thompson, DVP and GP, CAD Segment. “Please, just call our technical support team. Our professionals will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.”]

Real-Time Guidance: When You Don’t Have Time for All the Back and Forth

How’s your design progressing? Don’t wait to get back to the office to confirm design direction. Instead, use Creo Simulation Live (CSL) to get real-time directional guidance.

With CSL, thermal, modal, structural, and flow analysis becomes part of your workflow – with no back and forth, no separate environments, and no hassle. The analysis updates dynamically in real-time as you edit, create new features, or change properties.

It’s specifically for design engineers, so you don’t have to be an analyst to use it. Ensure your designs are robust, without waiting.

Real-time simulation provides guidance during part design.

Augmented Reality: When You Can’t Be There, But Your Design Has to Be

Augmented reality (AR) is in every seat of Creo and Windchill, and it’s the best way to share your design ideas. Have you tried it yet?

You can publish, share, and manage augmented reality experiences so everyone can see your designs, in context, from anywhere. Simply send your colleague an email link. Publish up to ten models and control who has access to which models. Share models with anyone, anywhere via the cloud without exposing your IP. Done!

A motorcycle model is prepared as an augmented reality experience in Creo.

Concept Design: When You’re Bursting with Ideas

You have a couple options for capturing design concepts.

Make the most of multibody design capabilities in Creo 7.0. When you’re at the concepting phase, you want to iterate as much as possible with freedom and flexibility. Using multibody, you can split up your design into different bodies, switching and changing the number of components as needed. Commit yourself to an assembly structure and BOM only when you’re ready—not as a part of concept design.

Every Creo package also includes Design Exploration (DEX). As a product designer, managing a number of design paths and variations means you have to create numerous files. You’ll be more efficient WFH if you use DEX. Try out new design ideas, explore alternatives with existing designs, and keep track of the decision points along the way. Dave Martin, CAD expert and one of our most popular bloggers, calls DEX one of Creo’s most powerful and least-used capabilities. Follow Dave’s video tutorial and get started.

Free Learning: When You’re Feeling More Like a Sponge

We suggest the following no-cost resources and events:

Creo Simulation Live: Real-Time Feedback as You Design

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