Virtual Conference: Future of Product Design

Written by: Cat McClintock

Join us April 11 for expert demos, trade show booths, and more!

Evolving manufacturing techniques, 3D printing, augmented reality (AR), IoT… advances in product design and manufacturing are moving at unprecedented speed.  Keeping up with what you need to know can be an increasing challenge. Looking ahead to predict which innovations will be most critical to the future of CAD can be even harder. 

Get Ahead from the Comfort of Your Desk

Learn about the future of product design at the upcoming virtual conference

Let our team of PTC experts give you an inside track to stay on top of the latest advances in product design and manufacturing without leaving your desk: Join us for the virtual Future of Product Design show on April 11, 2017.  

This complimentary, drop-in event offers three hours packed with live presentations, a virtual tradeshow, and opportunities to network with your peers and industry experts.

Learn from the Experts

We’ve lined up a set of deep, subject-matter experts to speak at the series of live presentations at the conference. Here’s a preview of our speakers and the sessions they’ve planned to get you up to speed on the latest trends in AR, additive manufacturing, and smart, connected product design.

Keynote: The Emergence and Convergence of Product Design Technologies: Fitting It All Together

Don’t miss the keynote session with Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management. Join Paul to get a big-picture view of the most exciting and groundbreaking new product design technologies in CAD today, along with concrete, examples from Creo 4.0 that show how companies like yours can take advantage of these breakthroughs.  In this session, you can:

  • Learn how to help your organization transform from the 2D-centric design of the past to a 3D, model-based enterprise, or digital tapestry.
  • Discover how the manufacturing process is changing and how you can put the latest capabilities to work.
  • Get an inside look at how organizations are leveraging emerging techniques in additive manufacturing and AR

Session: Making Collaboration Easier

Forward-looking design teams use new advances in CAD collaboration to get better products to market faster by more easily working across multiple design platforms and incorporating feedback from a broad range of stakeholders. Drop into this short, 15-minute session where Mark Fischer, Director of Product Management, shows you how Creo Parametric’s Unite technology makes it easier to work with non-native CAD models to get the benefits (but not the headaches) of multi-CAD collaboration.

Session: Using Augmented Reality in Product Design

Does a design review where anyone, anywhere, anytime can interact with your product design in 3D and provide instant feedback sound like science fiction? Augmented Reality (AR), quickly moving beyond hype to reality, is poised to change product design as we know it. In this session with Mark Fischer, Director of Product Management, you’ll discover how you can easily learn and use AR to deliver powerful value to your CAD design process. You’ll also hear about what to expect for your work in the future as AR increasingly impacts product design.

Session: Design for Additive Manufacturing: Trends, Tools, and Takeaways

The ability to design, optimize, validate, and print, all within a single piece of software, isn’t science fiction, either. It’s additive manufacturing done right, and designers are doing it today. Join Jose Coronado, Creo Product Manager, to learn why designers are adopting additive manufacturing, see some example manufacturing use cases, and watch a live demo.

Session: Expert-led Panel: Smart, Connected Product Design

More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to data: Join this panel session for guidance from Paul Sagar (VP of Product Management), Francoise Lamy (VP of PLM Solutions and Strategy), and Hedley Apperly (VP of Solution Management at PTC) on how to take a deliberate, strategic approach to smart, connected product design, the technologies that can help, and how to apply both to your day-to-day product design process to drive it with facts, not assumptions. 

Reserve Your Spot for the April 11, 2017 Live Event

Don’t get left behind: Register to join us on April 11, 2017 from 12-3p.m. EDT | 4-7 p.m. UTC. We’ll help you get ahead of the pack with an understanding of how design is evolving; what technologies you most need to know today and how to apply them in your daily work; and what’s coming next. See you at The Future of Product Design: Smarter and Connected virtual conference!


Learn first-hand from our expert team of speakers

The experts delivering our live sessions include:

Hedley Apperly, VP of Solution Management at PTC, is responsible for Model-based Systems Engineering. He is an author and visionary on methodologies, modeling, and re-use. He is a member of the OMG Board of Directors and has been actively involved in defining industry standards such as UML, SysML, and ReqIF and authoring key industry publications.  He holds graduate and post-graduate qualifications in engineering, computing, and strategic marketing.

Jose Coronado has been with PTC since 2008 and is currently a Product Manager for the Creo Manufacturing (additive and subtractive) and Creo Simulate applications. He has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad of Nuevo Leon (Mexico), an MBA from Monterrey Tec (Mexico), and a post-MBA Certificate from McGill University (Canada).

Mark Fischer, a Director of Product Management for Creo at PTC, is responsible for multiple areas of Creo including Industrial Design, Rendering, Graphics and Systems, Toolkit, Data Exchange, Creo in the Cloud, and AR Capabilities. He also manages the PTC Partner Program for CAD. He holds a degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University.

Francoise Lamy, VP of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions and Strategy at PTC in the IoT Solutions Group, leads a senior team of PLM solution managers responsible for overall PLM portfolio success.

Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management, is responsible for PTC’s CAD portfolio. He has more than a decade of experience at PT as a product manager, director of product management, and vice president. He holds a BSc with Honors in Product Design and Development from the University of Salford (UK).

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