How to: Select Sketch Regions to Create Complex Geometry Faster

Written By: Mike Gayette
  • 4/13/2018

Creating features from sketches can take time. But with Creo, you can now create that same geometry in seconds with Sketch Region selection.

 Creating geometry from sketch regions reduces the need to perform Project and Trim operations within Sketcher. It also offers a flexible way to use parts of a single sketch as the basis for several sketch-based features.

Version: Creo 5.0

Extension: No extension needed. 

How to

  1. With your model open, click Shift+S to switch on the Sketch Region selection filter.
  2. Select the portion(s) of the sketch you want to work on. Note the following:
    1. 2D box-selection is available for sketch regions.
    2. Sketched entities can belong to different coplanar sketches of the same model.
  3. After you make your selection, a context-sensitive mini toolbar provides direct access to ExtrudeRevolveFill, and Sketch. Use these tools to create geometry from the selected sketch region(s).
  4. When you’re done, press Shift + G to return to the Geometry selection filters.

 To see a demo, check out this short video:

Pro Tips

  • Sketch regions are not objects that can be regenerated.
  • Sketch Region is a closed contour defined by sketched entities and their intersection with coplanar 3D edges in the part geometry.

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