Tips & Tricks: Import & Export in Freestyle with Creo 4
Written by: Aaron Shaw

Need to work with geometry created in other applications? We’ve added geometry in Freestyle to our import and export support. Here’s what you need to know to get started using it:

Import a Mesh

You can import a Wavefront OBJ file that was created in any application. With this open format, you can share simple data, including vertex positions, normal, and faces—all of which can be edited in Creo. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Operations group on the Freestyle tab, click Shapes.
  2. Click Import Mesh.
  3. Select a Wavefront OBJ file and click Import.
  4. In the Facet Units list, change the units for the imported mesh.
  5. Select the Flip normal direction check box if desired.
  6. Click OK.

Edit an Imported Mesh

Now that you’ve imported a mesh, you can treat it just like a freestyle object created directly in Creo. For example, you could mirror about a center plane and make changes to both sides of the object.

  1. Select one side of the mesh, including the points along the center plane.

    Box drawn over model
    Drawing a box to select the left half of the mesh.

  2. In the Symmetry group on the Freestyle tab, select Mirror.
  3. Select an edge, point, or surface patch.

    Selecting a surface patch
    Selecting a surface patch.


  5. Use the dragger to manipulate the patch.

 Dragging a patch

Both sides of the center plane change as the patch is dragged.

Export a Mesh

You can also export a Wavefront OBJ file to share data with other applications.

  1. In the Operations group on the Freestyle tab, click Operations.
  2. Click Export Mesh.
  3. Enter a file name, and click Export.

Collaboration with external applications is easier and less painful because now you don’t have to repeat design changes made outside of Creo.

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