How to Design in Perspective with Creo

Written By: Mike Gayette
  • 5/11/2018

When you’re knee deep in a design, it’s easy to forget the big picture. You see: surfaces, materials, lattices, controls. Everyone else sees a wing mirror for their car.

Fortunately, you can switch back and forth between the orthographic and perspective views while modeling to help you keep some, well, perspective.

Using various perspective views settings, you can change the eye distance, focal length, and field depth for a realworld look at the design.

Think of Perspective View as a virtual tour of the design, from the end user’s point of view.

Version: Creo 5.0

Extensions: No extension needed

How to Design in Perspective with Creo

  1. Go to the Model Display tab.
  2. Click Perspective View.

Pro Tips

  • Perspective mode is available in both part and assembly modes.
  • Toggle between Orthographic and Perspective mode by clicking the Perspective icon in the in-graphic toolbar.
  • You can also control the view settings in the in-graphic toolbar as follows:
    1. Click the Save View icon, and then click Reorient. A dialog box appears.
    2. Type in a View Name, change the perspective settings back to Orthographic, or adjust Focal Length, Eye Distance, and Image Zoom.
  • Any setting changes you make in the Save View dialog are saved for the session and used while Perspective mode is active.

Modeling in Perspective mode is easy, but you can watch the process from start to finish in the demo below:


Try It on Your Designs

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