Tips & Tricks: 2D Box Selection in Creo 4.0

Written By: Aaron Shaw
  • 3/24/2017

Have you downloaded Creo 4.0 yet? One tool you’ll want to start using right away is box selection, available throughout the product and in idle mode. With box select, you can make the selection by simply clicking and dragging, then invoke commands such as hide, for example, to hide datums. It’s easy to use, but here are a few tips for making the most of box select capabilities.

Selecting with a 2D Box

To draw a box in the graphics area, you just click and drag, surrounding the objects you want to select.

  • To select objects enclosed completely within the box, click and drag a box over the desired geometry from right to left.
  • To select objects touched by the box, click and drag from left to right.

Drawing the box from right to left selects all items touched by the 2D box

Selecting Multiple Objects

You can also select objects that aren’t adjacent by drawing multiple boxes. To select multiple objects, just hold Ctrl, and click an object to add or remove it from your selection.

Selecting with Filters

Want to select just a specific type of object? Set the filter in the lower right of the status bar to narrow the selection type. Then, only that type of object in the box is selected.

Filtering selection types

The selection filter resides in the lower right, on the status bar.

Watch the Demo

You can see a brief demo of these tips in the video below.

You can also learn more by reading the PTC Creo Help Center page, 2D Box Selection. 

Start Using Creo 4.0 Today

We're just getting started showing you what's in our latest release. We’ll have much more in coming weeks. If you haven’t downloaded Creo 4.0 yet, visit the Creo 4.0 page to find out more about this exciting new release and start using it today.


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