In the News: Smart, Connected Product Design Helps Bosch Rexroth Optimize Hydraulic Devices

  • 3/6/2018

Bosch Rexroth launched CytroPac a few months ago. It is a network-based "Plug & Run" hydraulic unit that can be used under a variety of operating conditions. 

Plate design before and after

Screenshot of the CytroPac's cold-plate CAD model in old and new design. 

With PTC Creo, Bosch Rexroth was able to package a motor, pump, tank, cooling system, and control in an extremely compact design. Furthermore, the CytroPac was developed from the outset as a smart, connected product and equipped with sensors for pressure, temperature, level, degree of contamination and volume flow. 

The result? Engineers not only monitor vital data from devices in use, but also recognize patterns of usage and optimization opportunities. Data and values that did not exist before IoT connectivity and could only be guessed at with simulations.

Using this field data, engineers noticed a group of CytroPacs working near their upper temperature limit. The developers were initially surprised that such a usage profile was seen outside the design parameters. However, this operating situation could become a problem for this particular customer group. 

<p\>This offered Bosch Rexroth the opportunity to optimize the CytroPac … Read more.</p\>


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