Monoist: How do you show off outsized machines? Augmented Reality!


IHI Agri-Tech, an agricultural machining manufacturer wanted to show off its chopped materials baler/wrapper at the 34th International Agricultural Machinery Show in Obihiro, Japan last week.  The baler/wrapper "revolutionizes the process of silage work," says the company's web site. That’s because the machine can both bale and wrap chopped materials, saving farmers labor and costs.

But at 8 x 2.3 x 4 meters, IHI Agri-Tech found it impractical to deliver the massive green baler/wrapper to the farm show.  So instead, the company tapped its CAD software for an alternative. Long story short, IHI used its 3D CAD files (developed in Creo) and produced an augmented reality version of the machine for the show.

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a digital image on a real-world scene, providing a composite view.

 iPad shows large piece of farm machinery on trade show floor

AR experience showing bailer/wrapper at agricultural trade show.

By using AR, IHI could show equipment at actual size, reduce it, and even animate it, so prospects could see fully what the baler/wrapper could do, without the physical machine present.

Read more (we recommend Google translate if you can't read the original Japanese.)

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