Creo, CAD Software for Romantics

Written By: Ruth Morss
  • 2/11/2016

Product development engineers and designers have passionate, fanciful natures. Just look at the design at the end of this post.

Who else but an engineer could have produced this quick drawing? The rich colors and freshness of expression render passion tangible. We don’t need any data at all to be 100% certain that this image dazzled the person who received it.

So, how can you get these results and impress the one you adore? The same way you approach product development: by using integrated tools to streamline your workflow so your focus stays on your design.

If this wasn’t quite the advice you expected, please remember that even Cupid had a flight plan.

Here are the tools you need to create your 2016 Valentine:

First, you load Creo Sketch onto your device of choice and wait for inspiration. Take as long as you want: the free license for Creo Sketch never expires.

Now, draw two hearts and present this work of art to the person you’ve identified—unless you need to make a bigger impression.

In that case, add more dimension by downloading the 30-day free trial of Creo Parametric. A few, graceful nonchalant clicks will bring your design into 3D – which the target of your affection can view with the no-cost Creo View Express.

You may even be inspired to print your design in 3D and present it with a flourish. Don’t hold back: Creo Parametric has capabilities to make sure your build is manufacturable the first time. After all, true love requires bold risks and efficiency.

Creo: We’ve got the product. You make the date.


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Ruth Morss is a B2B content creator and freelance writer with a background in Art History. When not pining for Italy, Ruth writes about product development, CAD software, engineering and PTC Mathcad. In her free time, Ruth enjoys rowing crew, baking, and learning why and how engineers do what they do. A self-confessed jewelry fanatic, she believes in accessorizing.