Operational Efficiency Up 40%: Three Teams That Boosted Results with PTC University

Written by: Bettina Giemsa

With sophisticated CAD and PLM systems, it’s not unusual to find an alternative way to solve a problem years after you thought you’d mastered the software. Sometimes you discover a feature you didn’t know was there. Other times someone shows you an ingenious new method for using a button that was right in front of you all along.

It keeps things interesting.

But what if there were more than a few of those tricks? What if there were faster or better ways to get your work done? In that case, some extra guidance that focused specifically on your job and industry could make an impact on your productivity. Multiply that by your whole engineering team, and you start to see how a training boost can make a company faster, more efficient, and more competitive.

At least that’s what these three companies learned. Working with PTC University, each created targeted programs that got their crews up to speed and using best practices in record time:

ABB High Voltage Saves 500 Hours

ABB High Voltage Products Products makes the equipment your power company needs to keep electricity flowing to your house. The ABB brand can be found on items like mass-produced surge arrestors and gas-insulated switchgear stations. Without ABB, your TV might not turn on.

Recently, the enterprise upgraded its CAD and PDM software. The problem was, with 500 developers and engineers in 7 technology centers around the world, it might have been months or years before everyone was using the new technology optimally. New product training wouldn’t have been enough, because different teams use different areas of the product. And honestly, not all cultures adapt well to the same training techniques.

So, ABB worked with PTC University to come up with a customized eLearning solution. They configured content to meet the needs of different groups, dropping unnecessary lessons in some places and supporting instructor-led training in others.

The results? “We needed 25% less time on average for training for our developers and engineers during the update because we only made the content that was necessary for everyday work available to them,” says Frank Kraner, Process Manager for Global PDM at ABB High Voltage Products. “We saved about 500 man-hours at the locations in the German-speaking region alone.”

Comexi Group Shows 20% Improvement

Comexi Group produces the packaging machines used for items like your jalapeño cheddar potato chips. Although Comexi is a small family business, it manages to produce 150 machines a year and is a world leader in flexible packaging.

To help hold on to that position, Comexi recently upgraded its CAD software and added PDM/PLM. Then, to ensure the team got the most out of the new installation, Comexi engaged Integral PLM Experts, a Platinum Partner for PTC solutions.

The experts from Integral conducted a thorough assessment of the Comexi team’s knowledge and then put together a training program for the different user groups and levels based on the results. They also put on continual training for the key users who offer primary support to their less experienced colleagues.

“The main objective of the training program was to unify knowledge and establish a common level for the different user groups,” says Jordi García, project lead for Integral. The post-assessment result strongly suggested the company met its goal—users showed a 20% improvement over the first assessment.

Fujitsu Peripherals Streamlines Operational Efficiency by 40%

Fujitsu Peripherals takes on in-house original design manufacturing projects centered on heavy-duty system printers and automated manufacturing equipment. With abundant experience and know how, the company can internally carry out the entire manufacturing sequence, from development to the finished product.

Nonetheless, company president Toshimasa Okano, suspected his team could do better. “It is said that most people use only around 10% of the features in the portable phones and smart phones they carry around,” says Okano. “I began to wonder whether or not our technicians had actually learned to use 100% of the 3D CAD features.”

So, working with PTC University, the company put together a program for assessing and skill levels in the company. The results surprised everyone: The average scores fell below the worldwide average.

Closer examination revealed that while the designers had above average practical skills, their knowledge scores were low. They could accurately create 3D models, but not efficiently. They had not mastered the tools.

The company quickly engaged in targeted training and process consulting. The results? A 40% increase in operational efficiency.

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