There's Nothing Like CAD for the Holidays

Written by: Ruth Morss

Ah, those wonderful memories of creating holiday light displays or of stringing lights on the tree.  Remember?

First, the discovery that the Tangle Elf visited the holiday storage box over the summer and twisted the lights into a hideous knot.  Second, the power struggles between those family members who sought a decorative program that evoked a Primitive Simplicity and those, like me, who favored Christmas Excess. Finally, the despairing cry of “now they’ve ALL gone out!”

Tangled holiday lights


Despite the headaches, lights just keep getting more fantastic. And not without a little help from CAD software.

3D CAD has made holiday lights, everybody’s favorite electrical harnesses, more like a treat and less like a trauma.  Using CAD, engineers can design intelligent printed circuit boards that allow lights to remain on (even when one goes out!), and also to flash, twinkle, change color, and create wonderful running effects.  Lights are now cheaper, lighter weight, and more varied, too.

And let’s not forget how 3D CAD can help you design lights or ornaments or just give you a little holiday fun.  A colleague modeled the lights below in four minutes flat with PTC Creo Parametric.  Those four minutes included time for adding reflections and deflecting a constant flow of unhelpful suggestions from a certain blog writer.  It’s a great party trick.

Rendered holiday ornaments

During this holiday season, you can impress your friends too. Make your designs sparkle and shine in just minutes.  The Creo 4.0 download became available just days ago. Upgrade or download a free trial today and let your design ideas shining. (We'd love to see your creations too! You can email us at Until then, happy holidays from all of us on the Creo team!

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