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Written By: Bettina Giemsa
  • 3/1/2018

Are you CAD curious? Or are you new to Creo and want to dive in and get started?  It’s not too late to go back to school (even in the winter and spring). We recently launched our Creo Parametric Modeling Essentials series through our popular Learning Connector.

 What is it?

 It’s an independent learning experience (in other words, you can self-study on your time and pace) that offers self-directed learning with access to a full digital asset library, including videos, job aides, and projects that allow students of any age to delve into content and learn when it’s convenient for them. This self-study approach is free until June and will be available soon as an instructor-guided experience also— IGE is an immersive project-based classroom experience guided by expert instructors.

 Instructor-guided experiences will be available through Learning Connector

Image: Instructors with deep Creo and CAD knowledge help students via videos.

 Our Creo Parametric Modeling Essentials is comprised of two courses, Core and Extended.

 With the Core course, perfect for the beginner, you’ll learn the UI, basic navigation, creating new parts, using Sketcher, creating basic 3D geometry, assigning materials, and calculating mass properties.

 Building an AR experience in Creo

Image: The extended course includes step-by-step instructions on creating and using augmented reality.

 With the Extended course you’ll pick up skills that include creating 3D geometry, mirroring and patterning features, and creating and using an augmented reality experience.

 Now’s the time to jump into CAD and Creo Parametric Modeling Essentials. Sign up today. We look forward to walking the CAD path with you. 

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