Mechanism Design Capabilities in Creo Parametric

Written by: Geoff Hedges

Did you know that as part of the core functionality of Creo Parametric every user has access to significant mechanism design capabilities?

The capabilities enable you to investigate the motion behavior of your design under real life circumstances. You can build assemblies using mechanical connections such as joints, cams and slots. It also provides the ability to create motors and run various analyses and playbacks.  Creo Parametric also allows you to detect collisions between moving parts and quickly understand the kinematic implications of your design changes.

Here are a few of the key mechanism design capabilities available in Creo Parametric:
Define and Capture Animations
When creating an assembly using mechanical connections, you can capture snapshots of parts in different positions. You can then run a dynamic interference check on the assembly which will detect interferences as the mechanism moves through its range of motion. With a static interference check, you would not be able to do this.

Furthermore, you can establish motion envelopes to proactively avoid collisions as you add new parts to the assembly.

Perform Kinematic Analyses and Extract Results
Kinematic analysis (position, velocity, and acceleration analysis) can be performed on designs with ease. Once testing parameters have been established, the mechanism performance can be analyzed in real time. For ease of use, all analysis parameters are also available in the mechanism tree.

Once the analysis is complete, you can quickly view the results graphically to better understand the mechanism performance.

If changes are made to the mechanism, you can conduct an additional kinematic analysis and compare the new results against the originals on the same graph. This enables designers to more easily optimize designs. All of the results can be quickly shared with colleagues by exporting the data into PTC Mathcad or Microsoft Excel, helping you meet design requirements.

Other Capabilities
Users can also design and evaluate cam, slot and gear profiles and define mechanism joints and limits.

The powerful environment for mechanism design in Creo Parametric will help you fully understand and optimize the performance of your design. Have a look at the Creo Parametric product page to learn more about core functionality.

Have a look at our mechanism design video to see the capabilities in action:

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