In the RAAW: A New Take on the Mountain Bike Designed with Creo

  • 10/30/2017

German language magazine, Prime Mountain Bike, recently published a story about the RAAW Madonna, an aluminum-frame enduro bike, meant to perform on rugged terrain. Here are few excerpts:

Ruben Torenbeek is the man behind the RAAW brand, which he founded in 2016. Innovative ideas, a simple yet elegant design and a thoroughly thought-out design, make his RAAW Madonna come to life.


The RAAW Brand 

 …After seven years of experience as a bike engineer and designer in the wheel industry, Torenbeek took the helm of the company. In his opinion, the wheel industry has focused on developing great revolutionary ideas. But has neglected the optimization of existing achievements.

 Raw Madonna aluminum bike

With the most advanced hydroforming technology, RAAW seeks to show what is possible with aluminum. The company creates 3D CAD models with Creo Parametric software, to get the perfect maximum out of the aluminum frame construction. Modern forging, milling, and hydrforming technology creates a technical look with an independent design and an S-shaped lower tube.

The RAAW Madonna

In the development of the Madonna, the focus was on achieving trail bests and at the same time creating a long-lasting design and uncompromising functionality down to the smallest detail. The harder the trail, the higher speeds the Madonna should allow. But it should also offer the highest possible efficiency. Read the whole article here.

 Top pipe of RAAW Madonna aluminum bike

The MA-DO-NN-A top pipe

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