How to Get Management On Board with Simulation

Written by: Beverly Spaulding

Previously, we discussed why top performing companies use simulation in their design process, and how companies can get started using simulation if their teams aren’t using it already. But if you’re an engineer who just wants to get the technology on your desktop, establishing management support is your first step.

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Convincing your boss can be a challenge, because management often prefers to maintain the status quo, sometimes out of inertia, and sometimes because they know what the current costs of doing business are and they can predict what they will be in the future. Change costs money, and sometimes the only way to make even small changes in the way a company does business is to show that those changes will save more money than they cost.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do with simulation. From the beginning of the design process all the way through taking a product to market, simulation is proven to save the company time and reduce costs while engineers like you still turn out great products. When you make the case for simulation, make sure you hit on the following points:

Results of a simulation study

Point 1: Simulation Software Leads to Less Work

Management may think that learning a new way of validating and optimizing their designs will slow engineers down, but companies report just the opposite.  In the ramp up period it takes to integrate simulation software in their design process, companies report that engineers cut development time by 8%. And once that ramp up period is over, they reduce the time it takes to develop a product 14%.

Point 2: Simulation Software Leads to Better Products

When companies are asked why they use simulation software like Creo Simulate, they report that it allows them to improve product quality and reliability. Two-thirds say that simulation makes it easier to validate design requirements and optimize design, while nearly half say that simulation allows them to better innovate. Those are numbers any numbers-driven boss will listen to.

Or Just Whip Out the Infographic

Management lives and dies by data. If you’re ready to make a business case for using simulation software to your management, we have just what you need. Show them our new infographic, Why Your Business Benefits When Design Engineers Use Simulation. When they see the reasons why your colleagues and competitors are using simulation, adding simulation software to your design process should be an easy sell.

Why Your Business Benefits When Design Engineers Use Simulation. Download the Infographic.

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