The Creo User Demos You Didn’t Know About
Written By: Cat McClintock

There are many ways to find out if design software and features can work for you. You might go to the company web site and read what they say about their product. You could also watch a polished demo or try a free trial.

But none of those avenues provide the detailed insight you might get from people on the front lines. That is, people who need to solve real-world design problems like yours.

That’s why you should know about some of our recent Facebook Live sessions (carried out in coordination with our PTC Community). Over the past few month, veteran Creo designer/members of the Badgerland User Group in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, have gone live on Facebook to demonstrate how they work with Creo. Sessions so far include:

Click the linked session titles above to view the videos. And make sure to read the comments to see questions (and answers!) from viewers who saw the sessions live online.

Screen Shot of Silhouette Curve Demo

Screenshot from Mark Schaefer’s presentation showing how to work with silhouette curves in Creo

To see our Facebook Live sessions when they happen, interact in real time with presenters, and receive notification when we are the air, follow Creo on Facebook. Want to connect with other Creo users? Make sure to bookmark the PTC Community on your web browser.

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