Tips & Tricks: Editing Sheet Metal Bends in Creo 4.0
Written By: Aaron Shaw

Changing a bend on a sheet metal part is probably the most common modification you’ll make. It’s quick and easy with a native part, but what happens if you need to change an imported part? With Creo 4, now it’s just as easy. Here’s how.

Convert a Part to Sheet Metal

Just convert the imported 3D model into a Creo sheet metal part by defining a driving surface and you’re ready to go. See Convert a Solid Part into a Sheet Metal Part for details.

Editing a Bend

Now that you have a sheet metal part, just go to the Edit Bend command.

  1. Start by selecting the bend surface.
  2. Click Edit Bend in the mini toolbar.
  3. Now you can use the draggers to change the angle or radius.

Changing Options

Click the Options tab to control the length of the wall when you edit a bend.

 Select bend pull down

Selecting a bend editing option.

Constant leg length, which is the default, maintains the length as measured from the tangent bend edge with a fixed distance.

 Change with constant leg length

Changing a bend with the Constant leg length option selected.

Constant wall height keeps the height of the wall constant, so the length of the wall is adjusted to keep the distance constant.

 Change with constant wall height

Changing a bend with the Constant wall height option selected.

Constant flange length keeps the distance between the apex and the end of the wall fixed.

 Change with constant flange length

Changing a bend with the Constant flange length option selected.

Constant flat length ensures that the length of the unfolded wall is not changed.

 Change with constant flat length

Changing a bend with the Constant flat length option selected.

Controlling Adjacent Objects

The system automatically detects bend reliefs and bend corners, and you can control how they should be treated.

Click the Adjacent Conditions tab to change these options.

 Adjacent conditions tab

Changing how bend reliefs are recreated for adjacent objects.

For example, you can change the detected bend relief type to rip relief.

Changing Multiple Bends

You can also select and change multiple bends in one step.

  1. Select two bends.
  2. Select Edit Bend in the mini toolbar.

You will see the inner radius and angle of the two bends change at the same time.

 Changing two bends at the same time

Changing two bends at the same time.

Watch the Demo

Want to see these tips (and more) in action? Check out this two-part series on sheet metal bends:



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