Creo Customer Unveils New Mega Truck Body
Written by: Cat McClintock

Simplified design drives productivity, efficiency

How much improvement can really go into a dump truck? According to a recent press release from Austin Engineering, a lot. The company recently upgraded its JEC LD, and the results are a simpler, more consumer friendly design.

Austin engineering's update dump truck

With the help of Creo, the new JEC body design is now lighter with fewer parts.

The JEC LD initial body design was based on the Komatsu 930E-4SE haul truck. However, the latest model offers a “high-performance body with unique features that enhance efficiency and can be adapted to suit any chassis.”

The new design was largely simplified from the initial Komatsu-like model, with 25-30% fewer components. That’s resulted in more efficient manufacturing and lower maintenance costs for Austin’s customers.

And like many heavy machinery designs on the market, Creo was behind the JEC LD dump truck body’s design, according to the company website.

Our Take

It’s a simple one: We love well-designed massive machines. And to be honest, they often love Creo back. In fact, John Deere was PTC’s first major customer back in the 1980s. Since then, PTC software has been adopted by many large machinery manufacturers, like Komatsu and Caterpillar.

And that’s not likely to wane anytime soon. Global Construction 2030 predicts that worldwide construction output will grow by 85 percent over the coming 15 years. And that means the role of 3D CAD as well as engineers and designers will continue to grow.

Where Does Large Machinery Come From?

Companies have been designing products with Creo since 1988. That’s because the software is precise, reliable, and can easily manage large complex assemblies. Best of all, PTC continues to add innovations like features for 3D printing and augmented reality. To learn more, download our free eBook, Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo. Find out what big names in big machinery have known for 30 years. Download yours today.

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