Creo Sketch: Free Sketching Software for Concept Design

Written By: Geoff Hedges
  • 5/3/2018

The napkin sketch. We hear about it a lot when we talk about design innovation. Despite sophisticated design tools, many great ideas still start as scratchings on a diner or barroom napkin–the nearest tool available when inspiration came.

But napkins have their drawbacks. They tear, they fade, they don’t really help you draw curves.

Those drawbacks are especially obvious when you see what Creo Sketch can do. What is Creo Sketch? It's a free 2D drawing app--made for the moments when you’re more of a visionary than a technician. It costs less than most napkins, it’s FREE to download and use, includes freehand drawing tools, and doesn’t require any special CAD expertise to use.

In this quick demo, Paul Sagar shows how to

  • Sketch a freehand object in pencil.
  • Overlay rough curves with smooth, adjustable curves.
  • Use curves for masks, as he airbrushes color onto his object.
  • Add highlights and strategic erasing.

One more better-than-napkin characteristic of Creo Sketch: You can load the sketch or artwork into your other Creo apps when your idea graduates to the next level. Use it for starting 2D drawings and 3D models.

Creo Sketch, our sketching software for concept design, is available now, download your copy free!

Download Creo Sketch Concept Design software


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