Introducing Creo Elements/Direct 20.6: Empowering Design Efficiency and Collaboration


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In the fast-paced world of product design, having powerful and efficient software is crucial. Creo Elements/Direct 20.6, the latest release from PTC, brings a host of new features and enhancements aimed at improving modeling capabilities, annotation functionality, visualization options, data management, and more. 

This blog provides an overview of the key highlights in Creo Elements/Direct 20.6, showcasing the advancements that make it a must-have tool for design professionals.


Creo Elements/Direct 20.6 introduces several refinements to modeling capabilities, enhancing flexibility and control over design elements. The addition of a new merge option allows for the merging of part groups with different resolutions, providing designers with enhanced flexibility when working on complex models. Furthermore, the Bend Update feature in the Sheet Metal enhancement enables better control over sheet bends during material modification and thickness adjustments.

User Experience (UX) enhancements

The latest release of Creo Elements/Direct prioritizes user experience, introducing a range of enhancements to streamline workflows and improve productivity. With the new tree icon, selective instances can be quickly identified within the context, making it easier to navigate complex designs. The Structure Browser window behavior has also been refined, offering persistent settings for a more intuitive and personalized user experience. Additionally, the Part Library now includes Standard Part Check commands, enabling easy recognition and management of standard parts within the design model.

Modeling annotation

Creo Elements/Direct 20.6 introduces improved performance and usability enhancements for modeling annotation. Multi-language drawing refinements allow users to change Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) language labels to user-defined labels, facilitating better communication and collaboration across international teams. The Standards Compliance feature has been enriched with the inclusion of Mould Symbols, Edge Symbols, and more, ensuring design drawings meet industry requirements. Furthermore, the addition of inspection dimensions allows designers to define dimensions specifically for inspection purposes, with auto-assignment and clear indications of inspection dimensions.

License server and Creo interoperability

We’ve implemented several important security enhancements in Creo Elements/Direct 20.6, enabling secure connections for license server status and administration pages. This ensures the protection of valuable licensing information. Moreover, this release includes enhanced import capabilities, allowing smooth import of Creo Elements/Direct assemblies with selective instance parts into Creo Parametric 10. Additionally, the transfer of assembly colors, reflectance, and transparency to Creo Parametric 10 has been improved, preserving design aesthetics and integrity.

Visualization enhancements

Efficient visualization is a vital aspect of design collaboration and communication. Creo Elements/Direct 20.6 offers enhanced support for Positioning Assembly publishing, facilitating easy access and viewing of renamed and migrated model data. The integration of Windchill QuickView and Creo View Adapter allows for seamless access to design data within the Creo View environment. Additionally, improved sheet options for Creo View export provide better control over sheet settings during printing and publishing of drawings, ensuring accurate and precise outputs.

Platform and data exchange version updates

Keeping pace with evolving technology, Creo Elements/Direct 20.6 now supports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. The release also includes updated data exchange converters, enabling compatibility with newer versions of foreign file formats. These updates ensure a seamless and efficient data exchange process, supporting collaboration with partners and clients who may use different software platforms.

Data management

The latest release introduces usability improvements to enhance productivity. New simplification container icons and the option to only load simplification containers streamline the design process, making it easier to manage complex models. Standardized Help Centers for the Manager Server provide consistent documentation, ensuring a unified user experience. The release also incorporates the latest version and operating system updates, optimizing performance and compatibility.

Issue resolutions

Over 200 issues have been resolved to improve the core Creo Elements/Direct product suite—Creo Interoperability, Creo View Adapter and the migration path—ensuring a stable and reliable software experience.

Learning resources

Access informative videos on the PTC University Learning Connector platform, with future availability on YouTube, for in-depth knowledge and skill development.

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