Creo 5.0 at Develop3DLive: Delivering the Future of Design

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 3/14/2018
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Can’t wait until Creo 5? We can't wait to show it to you. And if you're in the U.K., we’re in luck.

Brian Thompson, Senior Vice President, CAD Segment at PTC, will be presenting at this year’s DEVELOP3D LIVE. That’s the UK’s leading conference and exhibition celebrating design, engineering, and manufacturing technology and how it brings world-leading products to market faster. (Who doesn’t relate to that?)

D3D Live 2018 Announcement

Brian’s session, Delivering on the Future of Design with Creo, will provide an update on the new Creo 5.0 and how you can leverage new technologies.

See how, with the click of a button, you can put AR to work for enhanced design reviews and manage those experiences. Take advantage of metal printing and topology optimization, or start planning your smart, connected product.

Come experience Creo live as he discusses Creo, AR, smart, connected product design, additive manufacturing, and more!

As the physical and digital converge, CAD is more relevant, more innovative and more powerful than ever.

 If you’re in this neck of the woods register today

  • CAD
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Connected Devices

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Cat McClintock edits the Creo and Mathcad blogs for PTC.  She has been a writer and editor for 15+ years,  working for CAD, PDM, ERP, and CRM software companies. Prior to that, she edited science journals for an academic publisher and aligned optical assemblies for a medical device manufacturer. She holds degrees in Technical Journalism, Classics, and Electro-Optics. She loves talking to PTC customers and learning about the interesting work they're doing and the innovative ways they use the software.