Already Using PTC Creo? Here’s What You Need to Know about Subscription Pricing

Written by: Cat McClintock

PTC’s subscription pricing lets you add just the software you need when you need it to your product development environment. That is, you pay for just what you need and easily scale up when the workload grows. Need to minimize costs? Don’t renew those unused licenses!

But many CAD users still have questions. That’s why we recently asked Gavin Quinlan, Senior Director for CAD Product Marketing, to answer some of the stickier questions, like, what happens to those of us who already have PTC software? And do subscription users HAVE to upgrade when PTC Creo 4.0 comes out? Here’s what he said:

Who is a good candidate for subscription licensing?

Any customer should consider subscription licensing. It’s especially useful for companies that need to add some resources for an upcoming project, but are fearful of over investing in a perpetual license that may not be needed once the project is over.

Similarly if customers want to add an extended capability to their product development team, a subscription of simulation tools, for example, would be a very cost efficient way to add this capability.

Finally for any customer who is currently off support, there’s a very attractive offer available to re-instate your licenses using subscription.

At a high level, any customer who is investing in new or additional product development software today should consider the subscription approach as the OPEX vs CAPEX (Ed. operating expense vs. capital expense) conversation is becoming more relevant to the financial leadership in companies.

What about users who already have permanent licenses. Are these still good?

Yes. There’s no impact to customers who own perpetual licenses. They can continue to use these and renew their Support per PTC’s renewal policies.

With subscription, you recently made packages available. Explain how those work.

The Essentials packages are three choices we’ve created for our customers to address the most widely requested product development capability groupings. We call them Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Essentials Premium.

With Essentials we’ve created a rich and extensive package for all core 3D design needs and included our updated direct modeling capabilities (flexible modeling) and our multi-CAD – Unite technology. The package includes the software, support, and 40 hours of training all for a single transparent price. Essentials Plus adds product data management capabilities, and Essentials Premium adds simulation (structural and motion) and dedicated routed system design functionality.

We’ve always been able to buy just the extensions we need, for example, PTC Creo Advanced Assembly extension. Can I still cherry pick software capabilities with subscription licensing?

Absolutely! Flexibility is key to our offering and we have actually extended this further in the subscription offerings to ensure that our customers can have all the choices they need. We have created three tiers of extensions at common price points, which will allow customers to easily select the extended capability they need. The best part is that options exist for re-selecting these extensions or picking completely new ones without any penalty or extra investment each year. We call this a ‘”re-mix.”

When PTC Creo 4.0 comes out will I be forced to upgrade and will my prices go up?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Customers should be aware that subscription doesn’t mean Software as a service (SaaS). That is, you don’t use the cloud to run your subscription software—you subscribe to an “on premise” license.

As a subscription customer you will have the right to run Creo 4.0 but you are not compelled to do so.

[Ed. For more about the benefits of PTC Subscription, head over to our subscription page and check out the data sheet and FAQ.]

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