How to Digitally Add a Branch Tape to a Cable Assembly

Written By: Tiffany Bailey
  • 2/28/2022
  • Read Time : 3 min.
Cable assembly design before and after branch tape added.

For those working with cables in their CAD system, Creo 8 includes a branch tape cosmetic feature that represents an electrical tape wrapped around wires and junctions—binding them together with advanced placement capabilities. A branch tape can be wrapped around wires, cables, bundles, and stiff shrinks. Additionally, you can specify an overlap factor parameter that defines a width for each wrap of a tape.

Follow these steps to create a branch tape feature:

  1. Click Cabling > Cosmetics > Branch Tape.
  2. From the Tape Spool Settings, select an existing tape spool or create a new one. A tape spool can be used to define the length of wrapped tape on a bundle, color, thickness, tape width and thickness, and mass per length.
  3. In the graphics window, select the desired location of the tape.
  4. Use the Branches panel to set the tape length for various branches. Specify the default length of tape to be wound on each branch. The respective branch is highlighted in the graphics window when you point to a row in the panel.
  5. In the Overlap Factor box, type a value in percentage to specify the amount of overlap of tape on each wind along the feature. This value provides an estimate of the total tape length required for the feature.
  6. Click OK. The branch tape feature is created.

Watch this 2-minute video to see these steps in action:

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