3 Times to Switch to a Subscription Licensing Model
Written By: David Lee
4/15/2019 Read Time : 2 min.

The expectation of software buyers is evolving. PTC customers, as well as those from other software companies, prefer subscription licensing models to annual maintenance. In response, PTC has announced all licenses for core solutions and the ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform are available via subscription.

With this shift in mind, for existing perpetual license customers, there are 3 key times you may consider trading up your perpetual licenses for PTC subscription.

1. During annual support renewal.

Simply stated, PTC has attractive offers with additional bundles of services for current customers when they trade up current perpetual licenses for subscription. Benefits include license flexibility, access to additional software and packages, discounted subscription rates, and eSupport and eLearning offers. CAD customers also gain access to Creo Design packages.

2. With the purchase additional software.

As noted above, since January 2019, all new software purchases are available only on a subscription basis. This means some clients have multiple license management scenarios.
When purchasing additional software, there are attractive offers to trade up your existing perpetual licenses for subscription. Having all your PTC products on one license management platform provides several benefits such as controlling costs, reducing unused software, and simplifying license management.

3. With changes in your business.

We see two broad factors that heavily influence, or accelerate, interest in subscription. They are budget and business. How do you know when it may be a good time to move your licenses? Ask yourself:

Budget factors

  • Is it time to add or upgrade licenses?
  • Are you holding back capital investments because of large upfront costs?
  • Could your budget benefit from predictable costs?

Business factors

  • Are your IT resources maxed out or scarce and holding you back from adding software?
  • Are you using all the software you have or are you in the process of optimizing your environment?
  • Do you have to increase the number of licenses in response to a business initiative?

Not every PTC client will answer these or any questions the same. What they do have in common typically is the need to access the latest versions of the software, control costs, use the software flexibly, achieve faster ROI, and respond to new or changing business initiatives.

There are experts on hand to help you navigate to the right solution. To learn more visit www.ptc.com/trade-up.

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