12 Essential Resources for Getting Started with Model-Based Definition

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 4/11/2018

If you’re a design engineer or product developer, you’ve probably already heard about model-based definition (MBD), the practice of adding non-geometric engineering information to a 3D model. (Traditionally, that data is added to a 2D drawing.)

We’ve been talking and writing about MBD a lot over the past year. In fact, it might be a bit overwhelming trying to explore the videos, e-books, blog posts, interviews, etc. That’s why we put together this essential list of resources for getting started with MBD.

Jennifer Herron

We start with a general introduction to MBD with an industry expert. Jennifer Herron is the principal at Action Engineering, a consulting firm that specializes in model-based enterprise. In fact, she sits on the standards board that determines how engineers around the world use MBD. In this series of YouTube videos, she defines MBD and talks about the present and future of the methodology.

Madhavi Ramesh

So who’s implementing MBD—successfully? Madhavi Ramesh, the founder of Punditas, a product intelligence company, interviewed key players in companies that have adopted MBD, and delivered a variety of perspectives and best practices:

Curtis Brown


(And don't miss Madhavi’s post on recent MBD enhancements to Creo)

Downloadable Reading Material

So now that you know something about MBD and met a couple companies already practicing it, we recommend a download! If you (or someone you want to share with) prefers pictures to words, start with the infographic. For a deeper dive with an expert, you’ll want to check out the free e-book:

Hands On

Ready to try MBD on real-world models? It may be time to visit PTC Learning Connector. Use the link below to find free tutorials and much more. View the video demos to see how it works in Creo, or to start applying MBD to your own models.

Master Class

Finally, we come to a unique opportunity to join a full-day master class. Introduction to Model-Based Definition with Creo Parametric takes place Thursday, June 21 at LiveWorx 18 in Boston. This Advanced/Expert level course shows you how to create 3D annotations and use them in combined states. You’ll create and modify dimensions, ordinate dimensions, datum reference features, geometric tolerances, and more.

By the end of the day, you’ll know how to create a technical data package and the deliverables it should contain.



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