New Podcast: The Future of Augmented Reality

Written By: Linda Frembes
  • 7/10/2016

PTC’s Steve Ghee, senior vice president of R&D in the office of the CTO, recently sat down to speak with Jon Bruner of O’Reilly Media about the future of augmented reality (AR), the difference between AR and virtual reality (VR), and how AR headsets will advance as the market matures.

The podcast, recorded at LiveWorx 2016, mirrors the focus on AR that was seen at the event. Ghee and Bruner tackle the perception that AR is segmented by “games and entertainment” and “everyone else.” But Ghee notes that there is interest in the industrial market for both AR and VR. The convergence of the physical and digital worlds in the enterprise space is giving rise to real-world uses of AR technology that drives value in an organization.

Listen to the full podcast below!

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Linda Frembes

Linda Seid Frembes is a writer and community manager for ThingWorx who blogs about IoT, AR, and technology industry news and trends.