Three Ways AR Can Help You Increase Service Revenue
Written By: Greg Kaminsky
4/5/2019 Read Time : 2 min

Today’s manufacturers want to capture 30% of revenue from services, according to a report from IDC. To be successful, service organizations need to help enterprise customers optimize and enhance their operations while minimizing errors, downtime, and all other forms of cost and waste. However, high technician turnover rates and slow ramp up times often hamper their ability to provide the best service experience.

With industrial augmented reality (AR), service organizations can onboard new technicians more efficiently and provide them with the resources they need to become effective in the field—almost immediately. Using AR, field technicians cover more service calls in less time, making service teams more profitable. Here are three tangible ways that AR is already driving additional revenue for service businesses.

Increased customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty

Enterprise customers are driven by costs. They care about equipment uptime and performance so they can maximize manufacturing throughput – and aggressive equipment readiness SLAs reflect this attitude. AR makes service information easier to understand, so field technicians can perform their tasks more quickly and accurately – the first time. By improving first-time fix rates, service organizations can improve customer satisfaction, while freeing up more time for additional customers.

Upsell opportunities

Improved customer satisfaction directly elevates brand reputation, which is extremely important in today’s highly competitive global environment. Manufacturers have seen a huge increase in opportunities from the global marketplace, and aftermarket services can bring additional revenue, often contributing 40 – 80% of profit according to Gartner (SLM Maturity Model). Service organizations using AR can better capitalize on these upsell opportunities due to their ability to scale service expertise, allowing them to increase revenue and the profitability of their products.

Higher service contract renewals

By empowering field technicians with training and remote expert guidance, AR can help service organizations improve SLA compliance. This creates happier customers and increases service contract renewals. Keeping those profitable customers around, while reducing business costs by minimizing avoidable expenses like repeat service visits, ultimately means more revenue for service businesses.

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AR for Service

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