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Key Challenge: Need to Meet Global Service Requirements and Quickly Adjust to New Customer Demands

Commercial Airline
  • The evolution to performance-based contracts for asset availability
    • Adhering to customer contractual service or availability levels
    • Meet committed customer due dates
    • Meet or beat target turnaround times
  • Global sourcing of labor, the key variable cost driver
  • Competitive pressure to increase operational efficiency and optimize program bids
    • Modeling and optimizing new program bids
  • Minimizing costs while adhering to customer contractual service levels
  • Aircraft components constantly evolving
  • Maximizing AMT productivity

PTC: Synchronized MRO and Materials to Maximize Overall Efficiency

  • Increased technician productivity
    • Improved turn-around times (TATs)
  • Increased profitability
    • Optimized costs
    • New revenue generation through effectively modeling new program bids
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased adherence to customer schedules
    • Reduced penalties for delays
  • Reduced maintenance disruptions due to parts availability issues
  • Reduced inventory holding
  • Reduced expedites

Streamlining Fleet Maintenance: From Part Fulfillment to Fleet Uptime

Pressures on the Aerospace and Defense industry have led experts to change the conversation about fleet maintenance and parts management.

Integrate Technical Information with MRO to Enhance Technician Productivity and Increase Maintenance Velocity

Why are some of A&D’s most innovative companies focused so intently on improving the quality of technical information to support their MRO people and processes?

Learn How PTC Delivers Immediate Value and Functional Fit


One of the greatest Service Supply Chain challenges is the optimized management of materials for complex assets such as aircraft or weapon systems.


Meeting flight schedules, complying with FAA requirements, and ensuring overall airworthiness of an aircraft fleet are daunting tasks.


Weapon systems must be available when needed.


Meeting customer availability or fill rate profitably, are the metrics that matter to a manufacturer managing a PBL for warfighter weapon systems.