IoT Learning Pathway

Starting your journey in IoT? A good place to begin is by getting familiar with the IoT landscape and associated business and product development strategies. Afterward, you can explore ThingWorx, our industry IoT platform, and associated hands-on projects.

Part 1: Introduction to IoT


Harvard Business Review Articles on IoT. PTC’S CEO, Jim Heppelmann, and Harvard’s Michael Porter penned two seminal articles on how smart, connected products are impacting competition and company structures. The two articles include industry frameworks, case studies, and the latest thinking on company innovation.

Seminar McKinsey Research Report on IoT. In this seminal article on IoT Settings (e.g. smart cities, farms, etc.), McKinsey outline the business value and implications of transforming industry from single product development houses to systems level IoT product development companies.

Part 2: ThingWorx Intro

Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution. This short guide introduces you to the high-level concepts, components, and patterns for any type of IoT solution.

ThingWorx Demo. This 9 minute video provides a quick overview of ThingWorx and how you can use it in your educational activities.;

Tutorials on ThingWorx. In PTC’s Learning Exchange you will find a collection of short videos on ThingWorx and associated resources.

Part 3: Get Started


Try ThingWorx on the Developer Portal. Are you ready to start using ThingWorx? If so, visit the Developer Portal where you can access ThingWorx for free and start working on short projects right away.

Part 4: ThingWorx Projects

IoT Projects. We have a created a collection of short IoT projects in which you can connect, model, and build applications using the ThingWorx platform.

Part 5: PTCU eLearning & ThingWorx Community

PTCU eLearning. As you dive deeper into ThingWorx, check out PTC’s online courseware and reference library. This is an excellent resource to find quick tutorials and enroll in multi-day online courses

ThingWorx Community. As you go engage in your IoT journey, we recommend visiting the ThingWorx online community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and find new resources from developers, both academic and industry, from across the globe.