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ThingWorx IoT Platform

The ThingWorx platform consists of tools that enable you to model, connect, analyze, and build IoT solutions. The Academic Program provides support and resources for ThingWorx Foundations platform as well as Marketplace for finding extensions and Vuforia a leading Augmented Reality platform used in media, gaming, retail and many more industries.

ThingWorx Foundations

This tool provides you and your students with the capability to create IoT applications that connect to smart products and visualize data in a quick and easy visualization interface. You can start using Foundations right away on the Developer Portal.

Developer Portal

ThingWorx Marketplace

The marketplace provides utilities and other extensions that add new capabilities to ThingWorx such as adding map or weather integration utilities.

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With Augmented Reality you can create new experiences in any physical environment ranging from virtual games in your living room to technical explanations on how to use automotive equipment. Vuforia when packaged with the open source too, Unity, provides a solution to get up an running in this ground breaking technology space.

Learn more about Vuforia on the community

Create Vuforia models with Unity

IoT University

IoT University is an online learning platform dedicated to the internet of things and features engaging courses in IoT business strategy and application development using ThingWorx.

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