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Providing the “IoT Passport” to the future for educators, students, makers and researchers

Not only is PTC a thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT)—working with 28,000 customers to deliver smart, connected products—but the PTC IoT Academic Program is dedicated to delivering an educational advantage with academic packages on IoT that include software, curriculum and projects so you can develop smart, connected products right in the classroom.

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A lack of IoT-related talent is considered the top obstacle to businesses using or planning to use the IoT. Learn how educators and students can help in this infographic.

Internet of Things: A Smart, Connected Crisis?

Smart products, embedded with sensors and mechanisms that link them through the Internet, are turning the physical world into an information system. The number of things connected to the Internet now exceeds the total number of humans on the planet and we’re accelerating to as many as 50 billion connected devices by the end of the decade. However, an estimated two million IT and communication jobs will go unfulfilled in the next 10 years so how do we prepare students for this new technology revolution?

Getting Started Webinar

In this webinar, we help you quickly and successfully get started using the PTC IoT Academic Program. At the end of this webinar you will understand:

  • How to access the site
  • How to navigate the site
  • The resources the program provides and their purpose
  • Where to get started and learn possible learning paths
  • How to administer your instance
  • How to get your questions answered

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