Creo for Students

Creo is a usable, scalable and interoperable suite of design applications that allow students to quickly capture design intent within a common user experience.

While some educators may be familiar with Pro/ENGINEER, Creo is the first suite of design applications spanning concept design, 2D, 3D, direct modeling and more. Creo solves one of the main challenges faced by instructors today: ease-of-use.

  • Usable — With Creo and the PTC Learning Connector, you can provide instant access to context-sensitive eLearning and instructor content within a customizable, searchable user interface ― and thereby deliver the right tools for your class. Download the free PTC Learning Connector trial to see more.

  • Scalable — Creo provides dynamic access to make direct edits, while preserving the intelligence of existing models and applying intelligence to dumb models without compromising your students’ design intent and imagination.

  • Interoperable — Each Creo design application is built on a common data model . Since this precludes the need to maintain multiple licenses across campus, you only have to teach one user interface. Plus, you move from each design application without having to save and export files ― improving students' ease-of-use.

Download Creo Student Edition >