Develop Your Skills with PTC Software!

PTC offers two types of training curriculum for FIRST teams.

The introductory series is an in-depth introduction to Creo, covering the core capabilities of solid modeling, entitled “How to Model Almost Anything”. This is an easy to follow curriculum that will have you building FIRST models very quickly. It has 12 exercises and 18 different pre-assembled models for you to work with.

The more advanced curriculum focuses on the Product Development Process, entitled “How to Develop a Product”. It takes a systems engineering approach to building an FTC robot from start to finish including ideas on space planning and volume allocations.


How to Develop a Product

Additional Training

There are many FIRST teams that are looking for help with Creo. If you and your team are pretty good at CAD and PTC Creo, consider hosting a Creo workshop in your area? Email us at and we can provide you with digital materials for the workshop including an outline and instructions!

Project Management in the Cloud with Windchill

Windchill is a cloud-based service that enables collaboration among members of FIRST teams. It facilitates innovation by providing a cloud-based product development workspace with all the tools necessary to bring design teams together as if working in the same room.

With Windchill, it has never been easier to engage the whole FIRST team. Teams are offered the opportunity for faster, smarter robot development that yields better products on time and within budget.