Testimonials: Jeff Raquet

University of North Carolina Charlotte Works with PTC University to Stimulate Engineering Knowledge

Faced with continually growing CAD lab enrollment, Jeff Raquet, Senior Lecturer of mechanical engineering at UNC Charlotte, migrated from engineering textbooks to a new style of teaching.

Utilizing the course content to build my own 'textbook' ... is a win-win for both sides.

With the ever-increasing cost of textbooks, Jeff researched ways to save his students money and to save himself time teaching his large introductory courses. Jeff beta-tested PTC University Precision LMS — a learning management system for leveraging PTC University eLearning Libraries — in his Introduction to Engineering Design freshman-level course in 2012. To Jeff, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to test the system and get feedback from students not already accustomed to textbooks.

Using PTC University Precision LMS, Jeff was able to create his introductory course with preexisting content in PTC University eLearning Libraries — such as the fundamentals course — and skip courses that weren’t relevant to his current curriculum. He found the most useful feature was being able to post assignments and due dates within the tool using PDFs linked to his existing download models.

“It was not only great to utilize the course content to build my own 'textbook,' but it was helpful being able to track the usage time of my students — when they were online, how long and whether they had completed the assignments. I really want to help my students save money. By reducing their textbook price $75 and giving them a resource that will track the latest software versions throughout their education at UNC Charlotte, PTC University Precision LMS is a wise investment. As a teacher, it saves me time teaching — so it really is a win-win for both sides.”

After testing the system in the fall semester, Jeff has decided to implement it in his spring semester class of almost 200 students. In addition, he is suggesting that PTC University Precision LMS be utilized in upper level courses. Jeff will also be looking into utilizing the test and quiz resources throughout PTC University Precision LMS to automate student assessments.