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PTC Mathcad Express 3.1 Overview

PTC Mathcad Express

PTC Mathcad Express is the free-for-life math software that helps students keep a practical digital notebook. By taking advantage of its simple and easy to use interface, students can create a "smart" digital notebook that performs live calculations. Need to change a variable? Change it once and the remainder of the notebook will automatically update.

Download PTC Mathcad Express and request a product code to get additional access to capabilities such as:

  • Trigonometry: Symbolically, numerically, and visually handle trigonometric functions
  • Symbolic Algebra: Manipulate symbolic and numeric calculations in real time
  • 2D Plots: Visualize data, functions, and solutions

PTC Mathcad product codes are available to all elementary and secondary school students upon request.


If you run into any issues during the installation or have other questions, please visit the PTC Academic Support Community. If you are unable to find a solution to your issue there, please submit an Academic Support Request.

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