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Stephen Prideaux Ghee

Steve Ghee

Steve Ghee is a member of the Office of CTO.  His role is CTO of AR/VR, where he helps define and drive the company strategy around digital transformation through augmenting people, places and things. He still writes code. Prior to joining the Office of the CTO, Steve held several roles within PTC’s Product Development organization, ranging from design lead for Creo Illustrate, PO/design for Service Center, and was one of the founding members of a small internal start-up project which culminated in the acquisition of ThingWorx and PTC's entry into the IoT  space.  Steve joined PTC in 1999 when Division Inc, a company he had co-founded 10 years earlier, was acquired. Division was one of the pioneering VR developers in the first wave of VR in the early 1990s, and the products form the basis of what today is knows as Windchill Visualization Services (WVS) and Creo View.  Steve holds a bachelor's degree in Microelectronics & Microprocessor Applications, and started his working life at inmos, helping customers build everything from supercomputers to flight simulators to phased array radars using transputers, work which ultimately led to forming Division and building one of the first commercial VR systems. He also contributed to the initial design of the Pixel Flow supercomputer that was built in partnership with UNC Chapel Hill.