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Rik de Leeuw

Rik de Leeuw is a software development engineer from Breda in the Netherlands. He graduated as Bachelor of ICT from Avans University of Applied Science. Rik's thesis was about ocean simulation for ship simulators. Ever since he's working to make new technologies available to the masses.

  • 2005: Adding TV to existing glass fibers used for internet and telephone communication.
  • 2007: Using game technology and simulation for training first responders and seafarers.
  • 2014: Using augmented reality for sales, measurements, and training.

During this time, he worked on the ocean simulations for the Ship Simulator series and IKEA place. Rik is a member of the Dutch Society of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing. He will focus on computer graphics and the low-level parts of the Vuforia Toolbox. In his spare time, he's a volunteer at the St. Jozef Scouting.