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Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan is a member of the Office of CTO.  His role is CTO of Software Architecture.  Kevin is responsible for exploring, recommending, and building innovative software architecture solutions supporting PTC’s product vision and strategy.  He also chairs the PTC Patent Committee, leads the Field Technology Leadership Development Program, and spearheads PTC’s annual innovation hackathons. Prior to joining the Office of CTO, Kevin led PTC’s Enterprise Platform R&D team as Senior Vice President, and before that at PTC he was a member of the Windchill Architecture Team and Technology VP leading Windchill R&D teams.  During the course of his career, Kevin has served in various other software architecture and R&D leadership roles involving development of computer programming languages, supercomputer operating systems, data communication systems, and enterprise data protection solutions.  He is named as a co-inventor of multiple software patents, he has been involved in ANSI and ISO standards committees, and he has served on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

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