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Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Jesse Coors-Blankenship joined PTC as a Senior Vice President of Technology post the acquisition of his advanced generative design software startup, Frustum Inc. Before starting Frustum Inc., Jesse was a professor at Columbia University where he taught students how to use generative design technologies. Generative design is when artificial intelligence and human know-how combine to automatically design mechanical parts from user requirements. This revolution in design is what Jesse pioneered and patented at Frustum Inc. At PTC, Jesse continues to pioneer generative design at PTC


4 piston brake caliper

A four piston brake caliper has been re-imaged with generative design. It only took 1 hour to set up and run.

GE Bracket optimization

This GE Bracket redesign was 75% lighter then the original design and optimized to stay in the material yield stress.

Space Wrench

This generative design utilizes design complexities made possible by generative design and Additive Manufacturing.

Interactive and manufacturable generative design

Different manufacturing constraints are applied interactively to this generative model to produce manufacture ready designs.