ThingWorx Mash-Up Enablement Save valuable time and make your app look great by becoming Mash-Up expert

Service Description

This Rapid Outcome is for customers wanting to improve their general knowledge of ThingWorx Mash-up design and implementation, and also get specific help on a mashup they are working on right now.

Learn best practices and get help creating your ThingWorx Mashups. This enablement service will give you 1 on 1 time with a ThingWorx expert to help you on your current project.

How it works:

The ThingWorx Mash-Up Enablement is an 8-hour engagement focused on improving your skills as a ThingWorx developer and improve your current project

This rapid outcome is meant to be delivered over two days and includes:

  • Overview of PTC Best Practices
  • Review of Customer use cases
  • Consultant reviews and provides guidance for 1 use case
  • Delivered remotely


  • Customer must have ThingWorx installed
  • Customer must have an idea of what type of data they want to display
  • Customer must have completed Introduction to ThingWorx training or equivalent

Intended User: ThingWorx Application Developer

Additional Info:

Outcome: Best practices for designing ThingWorx mashups, specifically for your use case

Journey: All

On Premise or Cloud: Both

Remote or On-site: Remote

Success Points: 4

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