Execute Communication Plan Ensure you have a communication plan right for your business transformation and kick off communication

Service Description

Communication is critical to letting people and the business know how a new solution will transform their business and day-to-day job.

This Rapid Outcome will accelerate the deployment of the communication materials and ensure the users are receiving the message.  PTC will create a communication deployment plan and initiate the delivery while spot checking with stakeholders on FAQs being received from user community.

How it works

  1. PTC will review the communication strategy and materials to develop an initial plan
  2. PTC will conduct review of plan and implement all agreed to changes
  3. PTC will start the communication plan execution by holding 3 virtual sessions hosting up to 100 people per session
  4. PTC will establish a feedback loop from the stakeholders to ensure the message is received


Prerequisite: Must have a communication strategy and communication materials ready to deploy.

Additional Information

Outcome: Customer gets the communication plan defined and execution started.

On Premise or Cloud: Both

Remote or Onsite: Remote

Success Points*: 20

*Please note: Information including Success Point values may vary depending on location. Success Point values shown are for reference only and based on North America. Contact your Success Manager for specific services and point values for your location. Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details.

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