Establish Change Alignment and Sponsorship Ensure alignment and efficient change management

Service Description

In this service, a PTC expert will make a change or a business transformation attainable by defining the customer’s vision and outlining the necessary steps to achieve the objective.

How it works

  1. PTC will work with the customer to align on the vision.
  2. PTC will drive focus to the change by facilitating workshops with key sponsors.
  3. PTC will prepare a change canvas to maintain business alignment.


A single process change must be identified

Additional Information

Outcome: Ensure that all levels of customer management are aligned to the change vision and share the same perspective on the transformation.

On Premise or Cloud: Both

Remote or Onsite: Both

Success Points*: 20 if remote or 25 if on-site

*Please note: Information including Success Point values may vary depending on location. Success Point values shown are for reference only and based on North America. Contact your Success Manager for specific services and point values for your location. Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details.

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