Accelerate your Vuforia Studio Proof of Concept

Receive a demonstrable AR Experience based on your defined use case.

Take the first step into Augmented Reality (AR) by having a Vuforia Studio expert create a proof-of-concept (PoC) based on your use case so that you can quickly see the value of Vuforia Studio.

How it Works

This service is a 2 week engagement and includes the following activites:

  1. Define a use case: A 1-Day Design and Storyboarding Workshop to scope your AR use case and capture key requirements.
  2. Build the Proof of Concept: PTC will implement the defined AR use case in Vuforia Studio.
  3. Demonstrate the Proof of Concept: PTC will demonstrate the AR use case and train you in how to use and demonstrate it.


The following criteria must be met before this service can be consumed:

  • You must have identified the 3D data that will be used for the AR experience.
  • For service procedures, you must provide documented steps for the procedure.
  • You must ensure all stakeholders and subject matter experts are available as needed during the project.

Additional Information

Outcome: Receive a demonstratable AR Experience based on your defined use case.

Journey: All

On Premise or Cloud: Both

Remote or Onsite: Both

Success Points*: 50, if remote or 60, if onsite

*Please note: Information including Success Point values may vary depending on location. Success Point values shown are for reference only and based on North America. Contact your Success Manager for specific services and point values for your location. Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details

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