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How to automatically create a Copy of Output Viewable files from the Representation of EPM Document in the Secondary Content table as Attachment using the WVS Afterloader hook method

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  • Windchill PDMLink 11.0 F000 to 12.0
  • Creo View Adapters 4.0 F000 to 8.0


  • This is an example of the WVS Afterloader hook method to automatically create a copy of output viewable files from the representation of EPM Document in the secondary content table as attachment or save a copy of the content locally during publishing jobs.
    • After the EDRLoader successfully creates a new representation, a custom method can be called to perform additional work.
    • For example, setting ad hoc permissions on the new representation. Refer to the publish.afterloadermethod property definition in the file in your Windchill installation for more details.
    • This article provides sample code for this hook that will enable you to automatically create a copy of output viewable files from the representation of EPM Document in the secondary content table as attachment or save a copy of the content locally during publishing jobs.
  • Two key elements to know about this implementation before deploying in your system:
    • The sample code in this article is designed to work with EPM Document only. For WTDocument, refer to CS348518.
    • The optional function in this article to save the output viewable files out to a designated folder in a local or network hard disk contains ​File#renameTo java method that can not only rename, but also move between directories, at least on the same file system. It runs under only one operating system in one series of computers (one operating environment). If you need a more comprehensive solution (such as wanting to move the file between disks), look at Apache Commons FileUtils#moveFile
  • Sample implementation with screenshots
    • Automatically creates a Copy of output viewable files (Primary or Additional file type in Representation) as EPM Document attachments with category type, "IMAGE'. The output file names will be: source CAD file name + Windchill version number. i.e. Format: <CADName>_<IterationInfo>.extension (e.g. MYCADNAME_A.1.stp)
      • ​For Example)
        User-added image

    • Optionally automatically download output viewable files from the Representation to a designated folder on a local or network hard disk on Windchill server during publishing jobs.
      • For example)​​​
        User-added image
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