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Performance impact of preference Tables > "Size Limit" in Windchill PDMLink

Geändert: 10-Jan-2024   


  • Windchill PDMLink 11.0 to 12.1


  • How to improve display performance for tables, such as Search Results tables, Folder display tables, etc.
  • Performance impact of Preference Management > Tables > Size Limit setting
    • Default value is 2000, which specifies the maximum number of rows to be displayed in a table or tree
  • When set the table size limit to a large size, it will had poor performance when access the Product/Library folder table.
  • The following message is shown when accessing the Product/Library folder table.
Page Unresponsive
You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page.
Not enough memory to open this page.
Try closing other tabs or programs to free up memory.

Error code: Out of memory
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